Welcome to the EF-CLIF web-page, the main working tool of our investigators. All protocols of the multicenter prospective observational studies and randomized controlled trials performed by our network of Hospitals and their clinical research forms are loaded in the reserved research area of the webpage. You will find in other areas detailed information related to the organization, rules, steering committees, research facilities and scientific production as well as the past and the future educational activities of the EF CLIF.



Performs clinical studies to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with Chronic Liver Failure (CLIF).



Promote translational research studies in Chronic Liver Failure (CLIF).



November 07th 2018 LAST WEEK WE CELEBRATED THE 2ND ACLARA WORKSHOP IN MEXICO CITY The workshop, which was a great success, took place in the Auditorium of the Clínica Médica Sur in Mexico DF, under the patronage of Dr Misael Uribe

24 professionals from Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Mexico and Peru attended the sessions On 30th and 31st of October 2018 where they were trained in the Management of samples, completion of the eCRF and use of the Clif-Consortium scores.

October 12th 2018 FIRST TRAINING WORKSHOP FOR THE PARTICIPANTS IN THE ACLARA STUDY The workshop was held on 1st and 2nd October 2018 at the Faculty of Medicine of the USP in Sao Paulo, with the participation of specialists from Argentina, Brazil and Chile

The first session served as an introduction to the management of the samples, followed by onother one focused on the protocol guidelines and the use of the Clif-Consortium scores

October 04th 2018 THE PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS OF THE ACLARA STUDY MET DURING THE ANNUAL ALEH CONGRESS 23 PIS participated in the work session on 21st September in Punta Cana, where they shared their views and prospects on the current state of the Project.

The discussion was focused on coordinating the efforts into reaching common act policies. Headed by the PIS of the Study, Dr Flair Carrilho, Dr Vicente Arroyo and Dr Richard Moreau and with the assistance of Dr Alberto Q Farias, the Study coordinator, the meeting was also instrumental to work further on different technical aspects and establish further guidelines of the ACLARA STUDY.

June 18th 2018 PARTICIPANTS LIST OF THE ACLARA STUDY At the moment, more than 50 hospitals are part of the Study, which will lay the foundations to caractherize the specificities of the ACLF in Latin America and then to have a global vision of the syndrome.

The last member to join the project has been Instituto de Salud Digestiva y Heptica in Guadalajara (Mexico) in June '18.

May 01th 2018 New visiting researcher at the EF Clif Dr Wenyi Gu, medical investigator working on the group of Dr Hai Li in Shanghai, is spending three months at the EF Clif central headquarters in Barcelona.

Dr Wenji Gu is a medical investigator, currently finishing her Master at the Department of Gastroenterology in Ren Ji Hospital, School of Medicine, and at Key Laboratory of Gastroenterology & Hepatology in Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

April 18th 2018 Anna Bosch has been appointed Managing Director of the EF Clif Anna Bosch holds a PhD with a doctoral thesis in molecular genetics and developed translational research on diabetes during several years, between the Genetics Department of the University of Barcelona and the Tumor and Biology Centre in the Karolinska Institute, Sweden. In 1998 she incorporated to the IDIBAPS to create the biobank of the Esther Koplowitz Medical Research Center at the Hospital Clinic Campus. Subsequently her responsibilities extended to other biobanks of the Campus and scientific core facilities including genomics, bioinformatics and biostatistics, flow cytometry, cerebral imaging through MRI and P3 laboratory.

The change is aimed to prepare the Foundation to major challenges coming in the near future, including a significant increase in the number of projects and funds, the participation of the Foundation in EU grants and the incorporation of high throughput omics technology in most observational studies and projects.

April 16th 2018 NEWS FROM THE EASL CLIF CONSORTIUM GENERAL ASSEMBLY AND STEERING COMMITTEE During the EASL International Liver Congress 2018 at Paris, the EASL Clif Consortium held the Annual General Assembly and the Steering Committee meeting

More than 80 investigators of the EASL Clif Consortium took part in the Assembly where the speakers gave a comprehensive overview of the latest researches in the setting of EF Clif and had the opportunity to exchange experiences.

February 07th 2018 Welcome to Paolo Angeli as the new Chairman of the EASL-CLIF Consortium The EF Clif organized an international meeting at the foundation headquarters, on February 7th 2018, to welcome Paolo Angeli as the new Chairman of the EASL-Clif Consortium (January 1st 2018)

Among the participants, there were most Steering Committee Members of the EASL-CLIF Consortium, a selected group of investigators from the PREDICT Study, the Principal Investigators of the 2018 research program of the EF Clif, members of the Grifols Chair, Dr Tom Henning Karlsen, EASL General Secretary, Professors Roger Williams and Flair Carrilho

November 28th 2017 THE EF CLIF IS EXPANDING ITS DATA MANAGEMENT CENTER BY HIRING A DATA ANALYST AND A DATA MANAGER We are looking for two professionals to join our Data Managent Center at our headquarters in Barcelona.

The incorporation for both candidates is foreseen during the first quarter of 2018

November 13th 2017 NEWS FROM THE GRIFOLS CHAIR #3 Addressing patients' diversity in acutely decompensated cirrhosis Richard Moreau, Joan Clària and Vicente Arroyo

The CANONIC study has shown that among patients with acute decompensation (AD) of cirrhosis, those who had Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure (ACLF, characterized by intense systemic inflammation, organ failures and poor outcome) were clearly distinct from those with traditional AD (who do not have organ failures and have good outcome).